Tips on Race car driving

Racing is a dangerous sport if you do not exercise adequate precaution and care. The two main components of a car race are the car and the driver. The control of the driver over the machine is what makes it a race and that is one makes one a winner or loser. As a race car driver, it is important that one has complete knowledge and know-how of both the mean machine as well the rules and regulations of the game. It is also important to understand that only is a race of mean machines in the form of cars but also of nerves of steel. It is extremely important that the driver keeps his calm and cool and drives through the race with a nerve of steel.

Look at the road and not the car ahead: This is important and takes a few seconds more, but that will help you in the long run. The biggest mistake that most drivers do is that they mark a car and follow the maneuvers of the car blindly. So, if the car in front brakes you stop if it turns you turn. While it is a time-saving technique the downside is if that car goofs up and ends in the gutter so do you. The trick is to train yourself to not only look at the car ahead of you but also on the road. Unless, you look at the road in front you might end up making the same mistake as the person in front. So even if takes a few seconds longer ensure that your gaze is on the road and not on the car ahead.

Keep your hands steady: Car racing is more a mental game than a physical game. The trick is to keep your mind cool and your hand steady. Your hands maneuver the steering wheels and hence have to be smooth as silk. No matter what is going on in your mind, it cannot have a rippling effect on your hand. The hand must be steady to ensure that you drive smoothly without any disturbance what so ever.

Know the racing track by well: A sure shot technique that helps to distinguish a winner from the others is that a winner knows the map of the racing track by hard. Every single turn or twist is edged on his mind. Not only does it give him an extra edge of confidence but it also ensures that he saves time as he knows the track so well. This will ensure that you save those precious seconds in looking at the track and changing your track.

Check the car: We started by saying that there are two main components in a car race –the car and the driver. Hence, it is important that you ensure that the car is checked properly and functioning perfectly.

Follow the above tips on car racing to have an edge over others and emerge as a winner at the end of the race.